You have already taken a decision. You wrote to someone, but I still do not know in which direction it is moving. How do you start a conversation but to move somehow from sexting to real sex? No wonder many people have such problems. This applies to both sexes, men, and women. But it is important to be alert and sensitive to offend no one. I wrote these 5 tips specifically for you. I invite you to read… from kik sexting to real sex.

kik sexting
kik sexting

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Use the element of surprise. Write a short text message, funny light, but intriguing. REMEMBER! Under any circumstances, do not send the first message any photos. Especially genitals. It is abominable. Women like when attention is drawn to their beauty, you can write something like: “You have beautiful lips, I would like to taste them.” It works. We can move on to step two.

Building up tension

When did you have for the other person time to build tension. You must remember that women like mysteries, you can not immediately write something hideous and this what you care most about, be Gentle. Write something like this: What are you wearing? Are you wet? You can describe the funny stories with sexual undertones.

Get Dirty KIK

You’re almost on the spot. Now just more open. Describe your fantację erotic, of course, shared, write it what you will be happy with it now did. He tore her clothes and drew to its backside. You can do a variety of tasks where will you entertain. Please write to each other about things like that should you fancy a real meeting.

Send a photo

It is time to send your photo. The second person also it certainly will. You can show the whole body or just part of it. You can send video as with himself amuse. There is no restriction. For sure you enjoy your second half. Ask a woman to set up a beautiful underwear, this is a wonderful thing. This is exactly the moment when the door to the other person to open up.


The grand finale KIK Sexting. So this is the moment when arranging to its peer and they can do all those things about which you wrote earlier. Never give away personal information the person whom he met. It is very important to remain anonymous, you too would you not want to later on in your city, everybody knew that you met with someone from the Internet. All thanks Be sure to recommend it. You could go with kik sexting to a true sex to another can succeed.

I hope you have enjoyed this guide, as in 5
steps easy to go from sexting to real sex.

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